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If you have ever:

    * ∑         Felt nervous when speaking in public?
    * ∑         Suffered anxiety at the mere thought of public speaking?
    * ∑         Turned down requests to speak in public through lack of confidence or fear?
    * ∑         Felt so unnerved when public speaking, you feel ill just walking onto the stage?
    * ∑         Struggled to get your words out when you tried to speak in public

 Then we have the solution.

With our amazing course, you will learn to love public speaking, not be afraid of it.

You will forget the fear and embrace the joy of public speaking instead.

My name is Roger Bourne, and I am here to tell you that you can become an accomplished public speaker, no matter how nervous you are, how much you dread the idea of talking in public.

My course will give you the skills and confidence to be a master of public speaking.

The Myths of Public Speaking.

Public speaking is a skill, something you learn, and yet many people will insist that great public speakers are Ďborn with ití.

Do not believe them! Itís something you need to practice, sure, and itís also something that those with natural confidence perhaps have a better starting skill set, but anyone can become a truly great public speaker with study and practice.

When you think of historyís great public speakers, you think of Winston Churchill who motivated an entire country during World War 2, or JFK, who enthused not just a nation, but also the world.

 Neither of them were born as great speakers and both had to study hard and practice a lot.

They became brilliant, and you can too.

If you are gripped by fear at the thought of speaking in public, you are not alone! It is a natural reaction that if we are honest, most of us feel at some time.

The right practice and learning the skills to be a great speaker can overcome this fear, and we will show you how.

My Story.

When trying to convince anyone that public speaking is a learned skill, and it is something anyone can master, I like to give an example of someone doing just that. The best example I have, because I know the story quite well, is me!

I started out painfully shy, I could talk to people one on one, or a small group, but the thought of speaking in front of a crowd filled me with a dread feeling right to the pit of my stomach.

You may know that feeling yourself, and you know that going out in front of a crowd feeling like that would be impossible.

I used to think of so many things:

∑         What if my mind goes blank and I just stand there doing nothing?

∑         What if people laugh at me?

∑         What if they find me boring?

∑         What if I sweat so much people can see?

∑         What if I say the wrong thing?

That is just the tip of the iceberg too! Iím sure many of you can add a dozen more reasons to avoid public speaking if you wanted, but that is the barrier you must overcome to get started, and it was the same for me.

The thing is, by avoiding any opportunity for public speaking, I was losing out. My career was not progressing, I was being passed over for promotion, and it hurt.

I used the excuse that Ďlife isnít fairí for a while, but deep down I knew that others were doing things I simply avoided, and that was my own fault. So, I decided that enough was enough, so the next time I got the opportunity to speak publicly, I said yes.

I was absolutely terrified, the room had around 200 people in it, and Iím still sure now that the first 5 rows could hear my heart pounding as I walked up to the podium, it was beating so hard.

You are probably expecting me to say how it all clicked into place, I was a great success and never looked back, right about now, but you would be wrong.

I was shaking so bad I knocked my notes to the floor, was too ashamed to pick them up and started off without them. Then, after failing to remember a thing and muttering away in a very shaky voice, I picked them up, and never really recovered. It was as bad as you ever imagined your first public speaking effort to be, and then some.

That is why, when I tell you my eBook comes from the lessons I learned doing things the hard way, I mean the hard way. I went through that and I want to make sure you donít have to.

After that fiasco, I realized I only had two choices, give up or learn how to do this properly. Many of you are perhaps in the same situation, so you know what I am talking about.

It took me a long time, and it cost me a lot of money, but I did learn. Now I want you to have the same chance, but I want you to have that opportunity to do it quickly and affordably.

A skill to be learned.

There are a few things that make an exceptional public speaker, but at its core, being a great speaker is all about making a connection to your audience.

The key is understanding how to do this, and that means speaking fluently and clearly, offering relevant information and managing emotions to ensure good delivery.

As you read this, you could be thinking that would be an impossible thing to do, but it is not.

We can all learn those skills if we want to, and there are many different solutions available to do just that.

The trouble is, whether it is a $10,000 weekend seminar, or the 3-year courses, learning to be a good public speaker has always seemed to involve a lot of money or a lot of time, and often a lot of both!

A New Approach.

I wanted to create a new way to approach public speaking; one that fits into your budget and your busy life, and the result is my easy to read, simple to understand eBook to get you started.

One thing I have learned over the years, is if the initial learning period for a new skill is overly complicated or long, it gives us an excuse to procrastinate and eventually simply give up on learning.

 Instead, I have created an eBook full of the information YOU need to get started, to learn how to have the confidence to speak publicly,  how to hold that audience and deliver well when you do.

 It wonít turn you into JFK, but for that upcoming Wedding Speech or School Fete, you will do great, and it can be done in much less time than you think.

I have distilled all the essential information and advice you need to go from fearful to fantastic in public, and you can read this eBook in just 25 minutes. A couple of read throughs and an hour or two of practice of the content and you will be confident enough to get out there and deliver that speech.

Learning doesnít stop there of course, the more you do the better you get, and the book will help you every step of the way. It has the information you need for 80% of the speaking opportunities you will ever encounter so it really is the perfect solution for your journey to public speaking.

To make that first step even easier for you, I even provide a no questions asked, absolute, money back guarantee!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with my highly effective new approach to public speaking.

Act Today, Begin Your Journey.

I know that with the help of the guidelines in my eBook, you can overcome any fears or anxiety you have and become the interesting, captivating public speaker you want to be.

In fact, my eBook was created to do just that, and because I went through that same journey myself, it is written to give you the knowledge you need right now.

If you want to speak to a group, whether small or large, and lack either the confidence or skills to do so, then this is the eBook you need today. It will help you overcome fear, anxiety and poor speaking techniques that can make public speaking an ordeal.

You will quickly learn to be confident, clearly spoken and captivating to your audience, my eBook and a few hours is all you need.

By laying out all the skills and advice you need to get started in an easy to read, easy to implement form that takes you quickly from Fear to Fame in public speaking. Itís a journey that took me years to travel, but you can do it within hours. Donít make the mistakes I did, learn from them and hone your speaking skills quickly, by following my eBook today.

This new approach to learning how to be an effective public speaker is the perfect antidote to the expensive and time-consuming alternatives.

Donít let fear or shyness get the better of you as you can quickly switch from Fear to Fame with this simple eBook!

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Change Your Life.

Once you gain the confidence and skills of a public speaker, your life can change, I know!
∑         People want to meet and speak to you.
∑         You become a person of influence
∑         Your income skyrockets!
∑         Your life changes.

You will find a change in the way you approach situations, even those not related to public speaking, and your confidence can help you deal with any situation calmly and effectively.

 Not only that, but you exude an aura of competence that can help you progress in any career.

It really does change your life.

With the 35 key tips to successful public speaking found in this eBook, you can make that change right away and enjoy the thrill when you get a standing ovation.

There is very little in life to match the excitement as you forge a new path with the skills you learn.
It may be a small eBook, but it provides a HUGE impact!

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My personal guarantee is that if you study and follow this book, your level of anxiety about speaking in public will diminish and you will be able to present a better speech than ever before.

If this is not so, please write to me and I will refund your purchase price.

Roger Bourne

Now, what does this mean to you? .........Simple!

How and Why do I have the nerve to tell you that it willl work for you?

Because it is based upon my learnings, my studies, my experiments, good and bad, and most importantly, on my real life, in the fire, under the hammer, gut wrenching experience.

As Chairman of the Public Speaking Group at the Australian Institute of Management I have coached and helped many, many people who at the beginning of the year, could not even say their name, and by the end of the year, had become  articulate and confident speakers.

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What  people are saying about this book.

Wow Roger!

Thank you for a no fluff, concise yet meaty guidebook which I think should be *essential reading* for both novice and experienced speakers alike.

I picked up several techniques, applicable to several aspects of my speaking, which I had never thought of before. From tips on the effective use of visual aids, to hand gestures, to the appropriate use of humour - even some tips on how to handle the occasional heckler!

Your handbook is worth every penny and will be my *go to* reference book for each speech that I write and prepare for henceforth.


Damien Dupont

Financially Free Pty Ltd

What a beautiful and useful book!

Burt Dubin
Speaking Success System

I wish I had had this book when I was getting started!

It's fantastic for beginners and yet even some professional speakers I hear, will benefit from it.

Jil Ford
Prahran  Melbourne

Great Book!

Covers the esentials in a simple common sense manner.

Don Richmond
Brighton  Melbourne

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