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Dear soon to be Friend,
  • Do you feel nervous if you are asked to  speak in public?
  • Do you avoid requests to speak in public

  • Does this fear make you avoid opportunities to speak to a group of people?

  • Does just the thought of giving a speech make you sick in the stomach?

  • When you do try to speak do you freeze up?

  • Do you actually feel sick when you get up on that stage?

  • Have you ever fainted on stage?

This paralysing fear is very common, natural and is considered to be greater than the fear of death!

And every great speaker started the same way and has had to overcome these fears.

Hi, my name is Roger Bourne and I know that the hardest part is just getting started because i had the same problem.

Public Speaking is a skill and can be learned.

There are not  many 'natural' speakers.

Great speakers like JFK and Winston Churchill both studied hard, practiced hard and then became brilliant.

The essence of a good speaker is the ability to connect with the audience.

To do this the speaker needs to be fluent, relevant, have the ability to manage their emotions and have a very clear speaking style.

There are many, many solutions available in the market place, all designed to help you become great at speaking to an audience.

Solutions available:

You could do a 1-week live-in course for say $10,000.

Or a workshop that studies every single aspect of the speaking craft and produce top speakers.

Perhaps you could go to groups such as Toastmaster, Rostrum and Forum, where after a while you can become an accomplished speaker.

Maybe you would purchase an Audio Program that tells you all about Public Speaking.

And of course there are complex books that analyse and criticise.

These are all effective solutions and yet they involve large amounts of time and cost and more often than not, try to teach you more than you need to know.

The simple solution:

So to get past these issues, I have developed a deceptively simple E Book to get you started.

I know that if the books or programs are too complicated, they become frightening and then we automatically procrastinate.

Now this book will not make you a JFK but it will enable you to begin speaking anywhere where you have an audience, whether it be a school fete, birthday party or wedding speech.

This can be achieved by reading the book (takes 25 minutes) a couple of times, practicing some of the content and getting out there.

That will give you the initial confidence and now you have the basics to build your speaking craft to the level you want.

In any case, the book will enable you to handle 80% of the speaking opportunities that that you will be presented with.

Baby Steps:

That's why, to encourage you to make the first baby steps of getting over these fears, I provide a no questions asked, absolute,  money back guarantee!

Guide Lines:

Now I know that with simple guide lines, you too can overcome these fears and become the confident, interesting speaker that is hidden inside you.

I know this to be true because like you, I started with all of the above problems (yes and including fainting!)

That's why I published an E book, to help anyone else in the same space.

Who will benefit from this book?

My book is for those of you that want to speak to a small or large group of people and do not have the confidence and skills to do so.

What problems does it solve?

The book helps you to overcome the fear, anxiety (even terror), the nervousness, dry mouth, shaking legs and even the sick feeling in your stomach.

How does it do it?

To overcome these symptons, the book outlines in a simple fashion, how to prepare a speech that you can deliver,tips how to contol the nerves and a host of other tips that are proven to be effective in dealing with the many hang ups that you may have.

Does it Work?

I know that it works because it is based upon my personal journey and summarises the lessons I have learned and then given as Chairman of the Public Speaking Group at the Australian Institute of Management,watching shy new members going 'From Fear to Fame,' within a few short weeks.

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But First, The Beginning.

When I started Public Speaking, I was painfully shy.

I could have conversations with people but in front of a crowd?  Yuuck!!!!! 

    * My mouth was like a desert.
    * My mind kept going blank
    * I used to sweat like you wouldn’t believe
    * My hands were always clammy
    * I was simply, scared out of my wits.
    * "What if my audience didn’t like me?"
    * "What if I forgot what to say?"
    * "What if I was boring?”
    * "What if I fainted?”

Because of all this I avoided any possibility of ever speaking in public or giving a presentation.
I noticed my career was not developing, others were getting the good jobs and even getting more money.

"It just wasn’t fair!” I used to think all the time.
Then one day I was instructed to give a speech and I failed miserably.
This is what happened...........

My Story!

When I started my public speaking career I was so scared and terrified, that even the thought of being in front of a group of people, made me feel physically sick, and would make my heart race so much, I thought I was having a heart attack.

I walked out onto the stage in front of 200 people and arrived at the podium.

Suddenly my legs started to shake so much I thought I was going to fall down.

So I grabbed the lectern, which also began to shake, and then, at that moment, the butterflies in my stomach turned into dive-bombers and I started to feel sick.

While shaking the lectern so much, I watched with horror, as my notes slid onto the floor.

In total confusion now, I decide to start my speech without picking up the notes.

My voice quavered as I stated my name, and then my mind went completely blank.

After what seemed an eternity, I grabbed my notes from the floor and fled the stage.

All I achieved that day was to let people know who I was and that I was one pathetic speaker!!!!!

Needless to say, I didn’t get even polite or sympathetic applause from the audience.

So where to from there?

It was such a horrifying experience that I had to make a decision to quit or do something about it.

(I was unable to get into the witness protection program to lose my identity!)
So I can feel what most of you are going through with your own demons when faced with the same sort of situation, or even just presenting at a birthday party.
Your Dream?
Now just for the moment, I want you to imagine the scene.

The auditorium is full.

People are chatting way to each other, obviously excited, getting comfortable in their seats.

Suddenly, the lights dim and the MC walks onto the stage.

As he steps up to the microphone an expectant hush falls over the crowd, as they wait in anticipation for what is going to happen next.

The MC stands in the spotlight and radiates confidence and enthusiasm and speaks in a deep voice that triggers your heartstrings.

““I am pleased and excited to welcome one of the great speakers of our time who I know, is going to entertain you and as well as inform you.

Our guest speaker will enthral you, inform you and most of all, will leave you with such a sense of confidence within yourself that as you leave, you will bounce out of the room.

Our speaker rocketed to our attention, only two short years ago and is already is in such high demand that we are privileged that this individual is with us tonight.

So please join with me and give an outstanding city welcome to…. (and he says.....-YOUR ...name!….)"

And out you stride from the wings of the stage and into the spotlight.

People jump  to their feet, applauding and shouting as you take up your position at the microphone.

Within seconds you have the crowd eating out of your  hand.

They laugh at your clever humour and then listen with a quiet stillness as you reach into their hearts with your stories of pathos.

Cleverly you raise them to a fever pitch and finally you leave the stage, leaving  the audience on their feet, shouting and crying for more

Before you say that “Impossible,”  I am here to tell you that this dream can be yours!!!!!

I can help you achieve that dream and all for the price of a cup of coffee and doughnut.

Just By Reading and Practicing This Simple E Book.

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Over the years I have met many people who are struck dumb and overcome with waves of fear if asked to speak in public. 

Some people get goose pimples just thinking about it!

Whilst there are many heavy books available for the person who wants to study the art of public speaking, this handbook is designed for those people who want to start speaking immediately.

Maybe you have been given the task of speaking at a wedding; or a talk at your club;  proposing a vote of thanks, etc, or you have just given, what you consider to be, a most atrocious speech.

This book is designed to give you sufficient basics to overcome your fear and present the sort of speech you would be proud of.

My personal guarantee is that if you study and follow this book, your level of anxiety about speaking in public will diminish and you will be able to present a better speech than ever before.

If this is not so, please write to me and I will refund your purchase price.

Roger Bourne

Now, what does this mean to you? .........Simple!

 It means I can and will, show you how to get those same results for yourself, no matter how desperate your circumstances and how huge your public speaking fear may seem right now.

I'll show you exactly what I did to get these results and, more importantly, how to get those results for yourself!

How and Why do I have the nerve to tell you all this, and why it willl work for you?

Because it is based upon my learnings, my studies, my experiments, good and bad, and most importantly, on my real life, in the fire, under the hammer, gut wrenching experience.

As Chairman of the Public Speaking Group at the Australian Institute of Management I have coached and helped many, many people who at the beginning of the year, could not even say their name, and by the end of the year, had become  articulate and confident speakers.

So what are people saying about the book?


"Wow Roger!

Thank you for a no fluff, concise yet meaty guidebook which I think should be *essential reading* for both novice and experienced speakers alike.

I picked up several techniques, applicable to several aspects of my speaking, which I had never thought of before. From tips on the effective use of visual aids, to hand gestures, to the appropriate use of humour - even some tips on how to handle the occasional heckler!

Your handbook is worth every penny and will be my *go to* reference book for each speech that I write and prepare for henceforth."


Damien Dupont

Financially Free Pty Ltd

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  So you have been asked to speak at that   wedding, office party, funeral or school function.

 Up until now, the very thought of speaking in  such a way, makes your mouth go dry, your  palms sweat and you may even feel sick to the  stomach.

You are saying to yourself, ”I will never be able to do this, they must be crazy to ask” and so you reject the opportunity.

Or accept the invitation and die a thousand deaths until the day comes when you stuff it up!

So then you watch some one else take your limelight, take your centre stage, and soon you start beating yourself up out of anger and frustration.

Sound like you?

Well in the past, I have been there and I know there is a way out of this place.

It is always our Public Speaking Fear that holds us back and when I broke through mine, I went from Fear to Fame!

And so can you with this simple e book!

So Order the E Book now  for $5.99, (for a limited time only) and pick up the free bonus valued at  over $35!

What do other people think about overcoming public speaking fear with this e book?

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Read it once and your confidence will improve.

Read it twice, practice a little and you too, will go from Fear to Fame.

Typically your career will take off, your influence increases and your popularity will explode.

Imagine how you will feel as your income increases?

Imagine how you will feel when people come to you and ask you to speak?

Imagine how you can increase your contribution to the world around you?

And all of this starts from this simple book.

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With this report you learn:

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So, can’t  speak clearly and confidently in public?

Can’t  achieve a standing ovation every time?

Sick of being scared witless when asked to give a speech?

Then this is the right place for you!

Welcome to the opportunity to deal with your very, very basic fear and turn your speaking opportunities into fun and excitement.

Gives you goose pimples just to think about it, eh?

Doesn’t it make you mad when you see less talented people that don’t work as hard as you, getting the promotions, the pay increases etc, and all because they can “talk better,” or have the “gift of the gab?”

It just not fair!

Do you feel terrified, or just plain sick, when you are asked to give a speech, for Joe’s farewell, your daughter’s wedding, your son’s 21st?

You can’t think of what to say because the fear that dries your mouth and taken hold, messes with your brain and even your legs  turn to jelly.

And now do you feel angry with yourself because you cannot do that presentation, get that promotion or speak clearly at that interview?

And worst of all, are the guilt feelings we get because we can’t give the extras to our families, be a confident role model for our kids, or heroes in our partner’s eyes?

The solution is simple but not necessarily easy.

When you  speak confidently in public:

  • You hold the audience spellbound!
  • You are a person of influence!
  • You are noticed!
  • You are famous!
  • People want to come and talk to you!
  • You are a celebrity!
  • And your income catapults through the roof, no matter what job you do!
  • What happened to me?

My moment of Triumph.

Well I studied, practiced and used everything that I write about in my book and then some 12 months later, I had to give a speech on behalf of my company.

Now this was a seriously major important speech for me and the company.

If I didn’t do a brilliant job, my career would finish, the company would suffer and I reckon I would have been out of a job.

That would mean, a massive change in lifestyle for my family, changing schools, changing houses and even putting my food supply at risk..

So as I walked to the Podium this time I could feel this  huge pressure bearing down on me.

What happened?

I was confident, created humour and had them laughing, created pathos so they could feel sad, lifted them with excitement, spoke a very clear message, had them in the palm of my hand and when I finished ,they stood up to applaud.

Pretty good eh?

The result!

Oh yes, I got promoted and realised that day, that being a great public speaker helps you make more money, no matter what your job is.

So what made the difference?

What transformed me from bumbling idiot to charismatic speaker?

And could anybody do the same?

Clearly, the answer is yes, if they went through all the stuff they I had, but what a journey that was!

So how could I help others, and particularly, you?

The thought of anyone else going through the pain, the fear and the embarrassment, was so intense that I decided to find a way to share my insights.

So I created my book ,which takes you from Fear to Fame in Public Speaking, without going through all the pain they I did.

So what is in the E Book that is useful?

  • Essentially, what the book provides is a way for you to lose your fear so that you can be an authentic You, overflowing with confidence!
  • You will learn how to structure your speech so that you are never boring.
  • You will learn how how to create a fascinating speech on the spur of the moment.
  • You will find out how to use jokes, humour and stories.
  • Most importantly, you will learn how to capture those nerves and use them to power your presenation.
  • And much,much, more.

Your Next Step.

As you can see, I have been where you are now.

Now you can save a lot of the pain and bad stuff that I went through by reading and applying, my simple book.

Why simple?

Because if it was too hard and complicated, I know you would never read it!

And my friend, I want you to be successful

I want you to improve your financial position in life, which you will, if you speak well.

I want to save you from the terrors of embarrassment.

I want you to know whether you should start with a joke or not?

I want you to know how to create an instant speech if you are asked at very short notice.

And much, much, more.

Why do I want you to know all this stuff?

Because I care about the suffering we all go through if we can’t speak confidently in public.

So go buy the E Book, and start your Journey from Fear To Fame!!

.(This is a *new* ebook version of my original fully published physical book , already available in book stores.)

 Next step.

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More Questions?

This book  answers questions such as:

  • Does the floor ever open up?
  • Should I start with a joke?
  • Why are they leaving?
  • How can I conquer my nerves?
  • How can I resist fainting?
  • How do I deal with hecklers?
  • How do I finish?
  • What if I go blank?
  • And many more.

Journey of a Lifetime!!

In this book, you will get  a Magic Key of 35 Tips  which can transform your Public Speaking experience to one of MIND BOGGLING excitement as you receive your first tumultuous applause and even, your first Standing Ovation!

This is a small e book with a HUGE impact!

And what's the  Free Bonus ?

It is the Original 6 Step Success Cycle System!

It is offered because the most important skill that any great Public Speaker has is the ability to speak directly from who they are, their values, and their personal experience.

To find out what your values are you need to follow a process, which helps you prioritise them.

This is the Original 6 Step Success Cycle System, (normally offered at a price of $35)

Since it can change your future, is priceless!

By working with this, it will guide to success in your life, which will resonate and be sustainable.

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The value of becoming  a confident public speaker?...................Priceless!

It will work for you whether you are a beginner, first time speaker or a seasoned veteran, so,

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What  people are saying about this book.

Wow Roger!

Thank you for a no fluff, concise yet meaty guidebook which I think should be *essential reading* for both novice and experienced speakers alike.

I picked up several techniques, applicable to several aspects of my speaking, which I had never thought of before. From tips on the effective use of visual aids, to hand gestures, to the appropriate use of humour - even some tips on how to handle the occasional heckler!

Your handbook is worth every penny and will be my *go to* reference book for each speech that I write and prepare for henceforth.


Damien Dupont

Financially Free Pty Ltd

What a beautiful and useful book!

Burt Dubin
Speaking Success System

I wish I had had this book when I was getting started!

It's fantastic for beginners and yet even some professional speakers I hear, will benefit from it.

Jil Ford
Prahran  Melbourne

Great Book!

Covers the esentials in a simple common sense manner.

Don Richmond
Brighton  Melbourne

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